Barbara’s Biography


Introduced at an early age to masters like Oscar Wilde, Richard Adams, and C. S. Lewis, Barbara was happiest when falling down the rabbit holes of a thousand different stories.  Before long, wanting to write seemed as natural as wanting to read.  She was encouraged to do so in elementary school and has been working on her craft ever since.

As a result, she has had a wide array of work appear in a variety of publications including The Palo Alto Review, Sport Literate, Reader’s Break, Underground Voices, Midnight Times, On the Line Magazine, descant, SHINE Brightly, Georgia Family, The Lamp Post, The Monsters Next Door, Pilgrimage, Characters, Beyond Centauri, all things girl, The Amethyst Review (Canada), Mums in Control (UK), Tincture (Australia) and many more.

With high hopes of impressing upon young readers why fiction is important, she traveled from 2001-2004 to elementary schools across the United States to present her books The Monster Boring and The Book Garden. The first was about the joys of reading.  The second was about the joys of writing.  She subsequently sold thousands of copies of each title.

Her play I Left the Dead Man in a Bathtub in England was the lead production at the May 2003 FMPAT New Plays Festival near Dallas, Texas. 

She won a Reader’s Choice award for best short story in Delivered (England) in 2008. She was a finalist in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition in 2009 and 2010.

She has also contributed to BBC radio, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Marietta Daily Journal.  

Tangentially related, Barbara has a BA in English from Georgia Southern University, an MAT in English and an MA in History from Georgia State University.  She has taught both English and US history in public high schools. She currently works as an adjunct history professor in Austin, TX.

Whilst traveling the world and getting inspired, she and her husband managed the most important job of all: raising a son.  She knows they did a good job because not only is he nice, smart, and funny, he grew up to love books as much as she does.